CUPW Needs Community Support

I am writing this because the biggest Canadian labour dispute of this
young century looms on the horizon.

I am talking about the postal workers, who are currently working
without a collective agreement. They are trying to negotiate with the
Canada Post Corporation to attain a collective agreement which doesn’t
result in job losses, degraded working conditions and the weakening
of their union.

The Canada Post Corporation is unwilling to back down from its
implementation of the modern post. The modern post is an attack on the
union, an attack on worker’s safety and it cannot stand.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) is working hard to resist
the changes Canada Post wants to see implemented. CUPW is working
hard to organize itself to fightback. But, it needs help. It needs
help from community members. This struggle could result in a strike or

I think it is important that we, non-CUPW members, begin to organize
in defence of CUPW. We need to be ready to provide material support,
and to raise consciousness about this struggle, with our friends,
co-workers and neighbours. We need to petition, walk picket lines,
cook food, engage in direct action and generally help win the struggle
on the ground and build broad public and community support for the postal workers.

In the spirit of true solidarity, I am not interested in intervening
in other people’s struggles. This organizing should be done with an
understanding of what CUPW members on the ground want and need.

If you are in the Halifax area and are interested in helping to
organize a community support network please contact me and we can
begin to arrange meeting times.

If you are reading this and live outside Halifax please consider
organizing within your own community to help support our postal workers.

Their struggle is our struggle!

In Solidarity,

David Bush

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3 responses to “CUPW Needs Community Support

  1. Would it be alright to use your photos as facebook portrait photos for supporting the postal workers?

  2. Hello, my name’s Mike McDonald… I took the picture in St. John’s, NL… you can use it to support us for sure!!

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