Eight Points to start with from Alain Badiou

Point 1. Assume that all workers labouring here belong here, and must be treated on a basis of equality, and respected accordingly — indeed honoured — especially workers of foreign origin.

Point 2. Art as creation, whatever its epoch and nationality, is superior to culture as consumption, no matter how contemporary.

Point 3. Science, which is inherently free, is absolutely superior to technology, even and especially when the technology is profitable.

Point 4. Love must be reinvented (what we can call the ‘Rimbaud point’), but also quite simply defended.

Point 5. Any sick person who asks for a doctor to treat them should be examined and treated as well as possible, in the present conditions of medicine as the doctor understands these, and unconditionally with respect to age, nationality, ‘culture’, administrative status or financial resources (this is the Hippocratic point).

Point 6. Any process that is intended to serve as a fragment of a politics of emancipation must be held superior to any manegerial necessity.

Point 7. A newspaper that belongs to rich managers does not have to be read by someone who is neither a manager nor rich.

Point 8. There is only one world.




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